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Vineyards, men and landscape

“A vineyard that climbs on the back of a hill up to walk in the sky, is a familiar sight, yet the curtains of the simple and deep rows regard a magic door.

Under the vines the red soil is broken up, the leaves hide treasures, and beyond the leaves there is the sky. All this is familiar and remote, childish to put it short, but shakes everytime, almost like a world.”


Cesare Pavese


Cesare Pavese wrote these words; he’s born in the village of Santo Stefano Belbo, province of Cuneo, close to Asti’ zone wich he shares old vine’ tradition. Now, like time ago, on the Barbera d’Asti hills close to the Cantina Sociale Barbera dei Sei Castelli, is like this: vineyard is always an hard job, but also party, magic and partnership never stopped by winegrowers nature’ lovers, that, like everytime, asks respect for jewels and unrepeatable fruits.

Hectares of vineyards
Tons of grape


Cantina Sociale Barbera dei Sei Castelli is one of the largest cooperatives in the wine sector in Piedmont. It has wineries and vineyards in the heart of Barbera d’Asti docg – which is the biggest producer ever – in an area between Agliano Terme and Nizza Monferrato, a land well known and recognized as the home of choice for the production of Barbera d’Asti docg.
The numbers confirm the primacy of Cantina Sociale Barbera dei Sei Castelli: more than half a century of activity, 250 Winemakers who grow 780 hectares of vineyards with an average annual contribution of 60000 tonnes of grapes, a guarantee of quality and origin of wines products. Barbera dei Sei Castelli is part of the site “The wine landscapes of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato” entered in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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